Gaia Holistic Massages

Gaia Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy using basalt stones will bring balance to the mind and body. This stimulating massage will warm and relax the muscles relieving deep muscle pain as well as increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. One massage stroke with our hot stones has the same effects as 8-10 hand strokes.

45 min / £49
60 min / £75
90 min / £89

Gaia Bespoke Massage

A completely bespoke massage adapted to relax both your body and mind. The power of touch combined with essential oils relieves muscle pain, increases circulation and lymphatic drainage giving benefits on a physical and emotional level.

30 min / £42
60 min / £63
90 min / £82

Gaia Indian Head

Gaias own take on the traditional Indian head massage, this treatment focuses on the upper shoulders, neck, face and scalp. A deeply relaxing massage to release stress, focus the mind and leave you feeling balanced. Includes a facial cleanse and massage, your warm oil of choice is applied to your scalp and shoulder for maximum benefits.

45 min / £49