Pigmentation or uneven skin tone is a skin problem which affects much of the UK adult population. Pigmentation is mainly caused by excessive sun exposure but can also be influenced by hormones, genetics and as a result of trauma to the skin. The most common types of pigmentation treatable include age spots, sun spots, enlarged freckles and patchy skin tone. Generally pigmented areas of the skin pose no health risk but can be unsightly, spoiling the complexion of the skin and therefore making the skin appear older. Pigmentation can be treated using various methods at XO including laser/IPL and lightening skin peels. These treatments combined with targeted skin products available at XO can dramatically reduce and often remove the appearance of skin pigmentation. Our skin therapists during your free consultation will advise on the appropriate treatment and if you wish to have the treatment a patch test will be performed for just £50 which is redeemable from your first treatment.


If laser is selected to treat your pigmentation, the laser is attracted to the pigmented lesion in the skin which absorbs the light. The laser then heats up and shatters the pigment. The pigment is then drawn to the surface without harming the surrounding tissue. Once the pigmentation has been drawn to the surface the lesions will fade or dry and flake off, leaving the skin with an even skin tone.

The treatment can be mildly uncomfortable and is often described as a flick of an elastic band with a minimal amount of heat. The treatment duration being so short means that the discomfort is quite bearable.

Everybody’s skin is different therefore it is hard to say exactly how many treatments you need. Many clients see visible results after just one treatment although we would recommend three for optimum results.