Hair Removal

Hair removal either through shaving or waxing can not only be a time consuming business but also often leaves you with thicker hair growth, skin irritation and in growing hairs. If this is the case with you, laser hair removal is perfect. With treatments starting from as little as £50, our laser hair removal treatments offer a virtually pain free, permanent hair reduction solution.

Our high quality medical lasers use selective photothermolysis to destroy the regenerative cells of the hair follicle. The laser passes a light through the skin which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair creating enough heat to disable the hair follicles ability to regrow.

The treatment is safe and virtually pain-free, most clients experience a sensation similar to the flick of an elastic band with a slight feeling of heat. It is usual for the skin to become slightly pink or red in the treated area for a few hours immediately after treatment.

If your hair is white or very light blonde then laser and IPL treatments will not work due to the lack of pigment for the laser to target. The key here is to have hair removal treatment before your hair goes grey/white.
If your hair has gone white then we can carry out hair removal using electrolysis.

Depends on the area being treated. A course of 6-8 treatments is initially recommended as a minimum.
What machines do you use?

We use an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) system by Lynton lasers which is especially good for hair removal both on large and smaller surface areas, e.g. face and legs.