Milia are small white bump like cysts most commonly found on the face particularly around the cheeks and eyes. The most common way to remove these is using a sterile needle. Once the area to be treated has been cleaned, a sterile needle is used to create a tiny incision in the area above the cyst. The contents of the Milia is then carefully extracted so that there is no trauma to the skin. 
Some Milia cannot be removed in this way due to the size or the area it’s in, therefore a treatment called Thermology is used. A sterile needle pierces the skin and a small amount of heat passes through to dissolve the build-up. Over a period of days, the Milia will gradually shrink and you’ll be left with a clear flat surface on the skin. With any type of Milia removal our practitioners will give you advice on products and ingredients, such as Vitamin A and AHA’s, to help prevent future Milia developing.

The removal of milia is virtually painless and there is no need to apply a numbing cream before the procedure. Most of our patients describe it as a small scratch and removal using Thermology can be a little uncomfortable but the short procedure time means it’s very manageable.

In most cases, your milia spots will be permanently removed. However, a small number of patients who are prone to multiple break outs do report that new cases of milia appear. As part of our aftercare, we can advise you on how to prevent further breakouts and the best skincare products to use.